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AWP Training Philosophy

Athletes With Purpose focuses on developing both body and mind. The two fundamental principles behind AWP’s training philosophy are education and total body strength. Primarily, we believe in educating each athlete on the purpose behind training, as well as proper techniques for all exercises. This allows athletes to fully understand and develop their bodies, and teach them how to maximize their results in training and performance.

Second, we believe in developing total body strength and core stability, targeting and training each muscle group, minimizing weak points and preventing injury. Building total body strength and conditioning serves as a perfect foundation to maximize athleticism. We use a variety of training techniques from video analysis to high-level competition to ensure that we obtain maximum results. AWP Trainers are constantly learning new techniques and educating themselves to ensure that each AWP athlete has all the available resources to succeed.

At AWP we believe in training athletes to become the total package. Our focus goes beyond the intensity of the competition to include an expectation of character and respect of the game, players and authorities. Athletes at AWP Sports can experience and peace in their enjoyment of competition, gain humbleness in their athletic abilities and learn about their purpose beyond an athletic career.

The Periodization Principle as defined by AWP

For an athlete to become faster and more agile they must become stronger, to become stronger they must gain more muscle mass, producing strength. Periodization is the process of varying a training program at regular time intervals to bring out optimal gains in physical performance. Some proven benefits of periodization are improved muscular endurance, strength, power, motor performance and muscle mass gain. Using periodizaiton, a competitive athlete is able to peak physical performance at a particular point in time, such as for a major competition. The AWP training program is rooted in this principle and each program is designed to help athletes peak for their competitive seasons or events.

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